Are you looking for a personalized gift? Would you like to choose somethingspecial and useful? Arte del Ricamo Shop gives you the opportunity to personalize gifts. These are quality products Made in Italy:

  • You can choose the fabric to make tablecloths, covers, servizietti individuallanes and center table;
  • You can combine objects in ceramics can be personalized with pictures, writtenphrases and greetings.

The mug in the picture above is a useful gift idea and very refined, together with an individual tablecloth made ​​with linen Riviera fabric checkered green andwhite.

The conical ceramic mug that you can see in the Art Embroidery Shop ceramic section is a quality product made ​​in Italy tested for power.

The mat is made with linen riviera Fratelli Graziano, Italian tessiturificio that produces textiles and household linen of quality in linen and cotton.

You can also personalize the mat with embroidery, lettering and monograms.

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