running stitch table mats

Would you like to embroider place mats? Are you looking for simple patterns to decorate kitchen linen ? On Littledeartracks Blog it is available a very interesting tutorial that allows you to do table mats,  in a simple way you can embroidery original motifs  using a stitch that surely already know: the running stitch.

This project comes from Japan and has been made with an embroidery technique very ancient: the Sashiko.

The technique of Sashiko is to achieve very beautiful designs, some both simple and difficult, often with geometric forms, to be performed with running stitch using white embroidery threads and indigo fabrics.


running stitch table mats

In Japan, Sashiko embroidery is an embroidery technique very effective practice for the mind and body as it turns out to be relaxing and contemplative. If  you would like to do these place mats and in the same time meantime relax you can follow the instructions stepby  step here below.


  • Sotema – Rustichella fabric – color blue or
  • Fratelli Graziano – Colonia fabric – color deep blue
  • DMC Transfer paper
  • DMC Mouliné white, 761 light pink and 760 pink

Embroidery Stitch Used

For this project it is only used running stitch:

running stitch


For each place mat, cut two pieces of fabric rectangular size of 43 x 33 cm.

Print Sashiko designs proposed here below and transfer it onto the fabric using a sheet of transfer paper that contrasts with the color of the fabric (white or yellow).

Embroider the design. As you’ve already noticed Sashiko designs are made in running stitch. Use a crewel needle to embroider so that the stitches are executed perfectly and have continuity. This technique works best designs in straight lines because you can make more stitches at a time but you can do the running stitch making singular stitches, surely the result will be satisfactory.

Overlap the two pieces of fabric (the embroidered and the other not embroidered) matching right sides facing and sew to 2.5 cm from the edge, leaving an open space of 5 cm. Turn the mat, with two straight and finish the stitching visible.

Scarica gli schemi

Flowers and waves designs

table mats design 02

Arches designs

table mats design 01

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