Algerian eye stitch is a kind of embroidery stitch very decorative and easy to do, it is worked in a even-weave fabric. This stitch consists of eight straight stitches all worked in a central hole to create a star motif. Algerian eye stitch is also called Star Stitch or Star Eyelet Stitch.


You can create a lot of motifs, blocks and different patterns. It is very interesting to use multi-coloured borders around a design.


Here below the instruction to learn how to do algerian eye stitch:

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Do you want to learn cross stitch? Are you a beginner and you are not sure which fabric to use? For your first cross stitch project I advice you to choose a fabric with a thread count easy to see.  It is preferable for you start with 11 – and 14 count fabrics. There are also six, seven and eight count fabrics but they are useful for children that like to learn cross stitch. Once you learn to embroider cross stitch, you can try to use finer fabrics that have more threads to the inch. Continue reading

This quick and easy  embroidery stitch is a variation of chain stitch.  It gives a ladder-like effect, it is also known as Roman chain or square chain stitch, ladder stitch, small writing (when the stitches are narrow) and big writing (when the stitches are wide).

Open chain stitch can be worked to give either an open or closed effect, to do it you can simply adjusting the spacing between parallel lines to make a heavy outline and can couch down cards, narrow embroidery thread or ribbons. Continue reading

  • Bring the thread through at (A) and take a small vertical stitch.
  • Bring the thread through again at (B) and pass the needle under the vertical stitch, without piercing the fabric, and insert it again at (B).
  • Bring the thread through at (C) and again pass the needle under the vertical stitch and insert it at (C).
  • The third and all following stitches are made in exactly the same way, except that the needle always passes under the two preceding loops.

This embroidery stitch is also known as cable chain stitch. It is a variation of chain stitch used as a line or filling stitch on plain and even-weave fabrics. It is worked in a similar way to ordinary chain stitch, but in this case the thread is twisted around the needle after each chain loop and before it enters the fabric.

This makes an intervening link between the chain. The stitch follows curved lines well and makes a good filling stitch when worked solidly. A contrast

ing stitch, such as coral stitch or stem stitch, can be worked on alternate rows to make an unusual filling.

Another method of filling a shape with cable stitch is to work evenly spaced parallel rows of it over the whole area to be filled. Then lace adjoining rows together t

hrough the chains with a contrasting thread and a blunt-ended tapestry needle.

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This embroidery stitch is also known as Vandyke chain stitch. It is a line stitch and filling used on plain-and even-weave fabrics and is suitable for use with any type of embroidery thread.

You can make decorative zigzag line-an unusual outline for a shape.  Work in the same way as ordinary chain stitch, but each chain loop is set at right angles to the previous one to create the zigzag line. Continue reading

Bullion knots is a kind of stitch used in hand embroidery. This embroidery stitch have been used in many forms of embroidery through the ages and have been known by various names. These include grub stitch, caterpillar stitch, coil stitch, knot stitch, post stitch, roll stitch, worm stitch and Porto Rico rose.

This stitch is formed by working an incomplete backstitch, leaving the needle in the fabric. It is vital that the point of the needle exist from the hole where it started.

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Chain stitch is an embroidery technique in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern. Chain stitch is an ancient craft – examples of surviving Chinese chain stitch embroidery worked in silk thread have been dated to the Warring States period (5th-3rd century BC).

Handmade chain stitch embroidery does not require that the needle pass through more than one layer of fabric.

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