Checkered chain stitch is a variation of ordinary chain stitch. It is a decorative line or filling stitch used on plain-and even-weave fabrics, worked with two contrasting threads.

Both threads are threaded through the same needle, and a row of chain stitch is worked using the threads alternately.

When making a stitch, the thread not in use is kept above the point of the needle before both threads are pulled through.The position of the threads is then reversed and the next stitch worked. The threads need not beĀ  altered after each stitch – two or more stitches can be worked in one colour before reversing the position of the threads.

This stitch is worked in the same way as Chain Stitch, but having two contrasting threads in the needle at the same time. When making the loops, pass one color under the needle point and let the other color lie on top. Pull through both threads. Work the next loop with the other color under the needle point.

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