Ladder Stitch is a kind of embroidery stitch used on plain-and even weave fabrics. It has a ladder-like appearance, hence the name, and it is used as a border stitch or to fill a long, narrow shape of varying width.

This stitch should always be worked on fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop or frame to prevent it form distorting the fabric.

When the stitch is worked in a straight line, guidelines may need to be drawn on the fabric, unless the fabric threads can be counted, to keep the line straight. The rungs of the ladder can be placed close together to achive a solid effect or can be spaced apart to give the stitch a more lacy appearance.
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This embroidery stitch is also known as centipede stitch and knotted loop stitch. This is a line stitch and it is used on plain and even weave fabrics. It has a raised, plaited centre. and it is normally used on the straight, but it will follow a curve, providing that it is gradual.

Loop stitch can also be used to fill narrow shapes by varying the lenght of the outside stitches and outlining the shape with back stitch or stem stitch for greater definition. Continue reading

Scroll stitch is also known as single knotted line stitch, this kind of embroidery makes attractive border. Marking a line on the fabric will help keep the stitches straight. This stitch can be used on plain-and even-weave fabrics. It makes a simple knotted line that flows around curves and follows intricate details well; it is often used to depict areas of water.

Any type of embroidery thread can be used with scroll stitch, providing that it is compatible with the weight of the ground fabric. A floss thread gives a much flatter effect than a rounded thread, such as pearl or soft cotton. It is very quick and easy to use and runs from left to right along the line. Continue reading

Chained feather stitch is a pretty, wide line embroidery stitch used on plain-and even-weave fabrics. This stitch can be worked as a border stitch or in pictorial designs. It consists of longstemmed lazy daisy stitches placed in the same formation as a feather stitch.

It makes a delicate zigzag line and is suitable for use with any type of embroidery thread, although a fine thread will enhance the delicacy of the stitch. Continue reading