Artedelricamo has selected for you the best cross-stitch patterns with lots of delicious apples to embroider on tablecloths, individual tablecloths, potholders, aprons and tea towels.  It ‘nice to customize your own linen making unique and special embroidery work for your home.

On the blog of is available an embroidery pattern with colored apples to embroider in cross stitch or needlepoint.

Here is a stylized cross-stitch pattern of a good apple to decorate potholders for your kitchen. The pattern is available free on the blog Aurytm.

On the Blog lacenribbonroses you can download the free embroidery pattern with apples to stitch on linen kitchen.

On the Blog is available a free cross stitch pattern to write with needle and threads this phrase: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

On the Blog Crossmenot you can download the cross stitch pattern of an apple, this pattern is very easy to do and you can use it to decorate the kitchen towels.

Do you want to learn English in a fun way? On the Blog Crossstitch you can stitch and learn simple words in English such as “A is for Apple” which means Apple.

On  Tipnut blog you can download an embroidery pattern with a border of apples to do in cross-stitch.

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