Do you want to decorate your home linens embroidering ghosts, pumpkins, bats and witches for Halloween? Artedelricamo has selected for you some cross-stitch patterns dedicated to Halloween . You can customize with a needle and colored threads individual placemats, pot holders, aprons, tea towels and pillows.

The patterns are very simple to do so you can also engage and encourage your children to embroider pictures, postcards, gift cards to your friends.

You can also embroider and cross stitch on Aida cloth bags of using the free embroidery patterns proposed below, to be used to offer sweets for Halloween.

Cross Stitch Embroidery provides for all fans of cross-stitch embroidery pattern of a cute ghost useful to decorate your home.

On the Blog of Cerato you can download the cross stitch pattern with a ghost of Halloween and a lots of pumpkins to embroidery on a individual tablecloth.

On the Blog of Hobbyloco there are some cross stitch patterns to embroidery on Aida fabric for Halloween,  with ghosts, pumpkins and bats. The embroidery patterns are available in black and white or color.

Dltk-holidays offers simple cross-stitch embroidery patterns for Halloween. The free charts were designed to be used by beginners for the first time he ventured into the wonderful art of cross stitch.

Here is a free Halloween cross-stitch pattern very useful and easy to stitch on a individual placemat. The free cross stitch ghost with pumpkin is available for free on Blogs Bevscountrycottage .

On the Blog is available a free cross stitch pattern of a ghost, the free pattern is very simple to do. The colors of the pattern are black, gray and dark gray for the body.

Ptits-points-alexflo offers you a cross stitch pattern of a ghost useful to decorate cards and postcards for Halloween.

On the Blog Ludivineuh you can download free cross stitch pattern of a ghost useful to make a pretty picture hanging on the walls of your house for Halloween.

Freepatternsonline offers you a simple cross-stitch embroidery pattern dedicated to Halloween with a ghost who can help you to customize postcards and little bags to distribute to your friends.

And here is a colorful cross-stitch embroidery pattern dedicated to Halloween with a cute ghost useful to make a picture hanging on the wall of your bedroom. The pattern is available free on the Blog Freepatternsonline .

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