Do you want to decorate your home linens embroidering ghosts, pumpkins, bats and witches for Halloween? Artedelricamo has selected for you some cross-stitch patterns dedicated to Halloween . You can customize with a needle and colored threads individual placemats, pot holders, aprons, tea towels and pillows.

The patterns are very simple to do so you can also engage and encourage your children to embroider pictures, postcards, gift cards to your friends.

You can also embroider and cross stitch on Aida cloth bags of using the free embroidery patterns proposed below, to be used to offer sweets for Halloween. Continue reading

Are you looking for free grape cross stitch patterns? Artedelricamo has selected for you some patterns to cross stitch borders with bunches of grapes to embroider tablecloths and napkins and individual towels.

Embroider a bunch of grapes is symbol of life and prosperity, many embroiderers choose, in the months of September and October, to decorate her own linen for the kitchen with red or yellow grapes and green leaves.

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Artedelricamo has selected for you the best cross-stitch patterns with lots of delicious apples to embroider on tablecloths, individual tablecloths, potholders, aprons and tea towels.  It ‘nice to customize your own linen making unique and special embroidery work for your home.

On the blog of is available an embroidery pattern with colored apples to embroider in cross stitch or needlepoint.

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A great resource of free cherries cross stitch patterns  are usefull to decorate household linens. These fruits are favorite for stitchers that paint with needle and thread tablecloths, pot holders, oven mitts, kitchen towels and more. These red fruit with bright green leaves full of fun your kitchen.

Artedelricamo share with you some of the best cross-stitch patterns of cherries proposed on blogs of our embroidery friends:

On Creatiblogs it is available a cross-stitch embroidery pattern with red cherries surrounded by a green geometric pattern. Continue reading

Welcome to the appointment with the selection of cross-stitch patterns dedicated to Hello Kitty .  You can use these patterns to embroider the layette for children, placemats and bags for school.

Hello Kitty is not only for small children but also for teenagers, you can make cross-stitch pillows and pictures to decorate your room.

Here are the patterns:

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