These are the most useful mittens to give to your friends in winter, especially for Valentine’s Day. You know handmade gifts are very appreciate!

I invite you to take a look at the Story by Modcloth Blog, there is a very interesting craft project useful to do your own dip-dyed mittens from an old sweater.

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Crochet is an extraordinarily technique that allow you to make a vaste range of decoration and home decore accessories. To start with crochet, only you need a hook and crochet yarn. You can use cotton crochet yarn or wool yarn, depends on the type yarn you use, you can create different crochet works.

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Do you love crochet work? Would you like to do crochet favors? This Mani di Fata crochet magazine is very useful to create crochet favors for any event. Inside the magazine you will find the detailed instructions, diagrams and images useful in achieving step by step your favors.

To make this favors you can use colored DMC Babylo cotton threads and customize your creations with ribbons and beads.

You can buy this crochet magazine on Arte del Ricamo Shop

Are you looking for a personalized gift? Would you like to choose somethingspecial and useful? Arte del Ricamo Shop gives you the opportunity to personalize gifts. These are quality products Made in Italy:

  • You can choose the fabric to make tablecloths, covers, servizietti individuallanes and center table;
  • You can combine objects in ceramics can be personalized with pictures, writtenphrases and greetings.

The mug in the picture above is a useful gift idea and very refined, together with an individual tablecloth made ​​with linen Riviera fabric checkered green andwhite. Continue reading

Your Haberdasher in a Click

I designed Arte del Ricamo Shop to realize my dream: I would like to offer all my embroidery and craft friends online products and quality services so that they can turn their ideas into precious creations.

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For you who are passionate about knitting and crochet here’s areally exciting: Just Nature DMC Cotton. This is a new cotton yarnfor knitting and crochet hook with a wide range of colors to be able to easily match together.

The delicate colors and soft natural shades allow you to createmodern and stylish clothes. You can work with a single wire, take a few wires and you can have fun by combining a variety of colorsto your liking.

It is a yarn ideal for making garments spring and summer: softsweaters, jackets, shawls, pareos. You can unleash your creativitycreate colorful fashion accessories.
The yarn is already available on the Arte del Ricamo Shop online store, try it out!

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Do you want to learn cross stitch? Are you a beginner and you are not sure which fabric to use? For your first cross stitch project I advice you to choose a fabric with a thread count easy to see.  It is preferable for you start with 11 – and 14 count fabrics. There are also six, seven and eight count fabrics but they are useful for children that like to learn cross stitch. Once you learn to embroider cross stitch, you can try to use finer fabrics that have more threads to the inch. Continue reading

On the Freexstitchpatterns Blog there is a very nice free cross stitch pattern with a child who holds the American flag. Finished design size: 7.6″ x 6.9″. DMC color used are 20 and the chart is easy to read and fun to stitch.


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Are you a creative woman? Do you like to expand your craft techniques? It is very interesting to consider needlework embroidery not only an ancient craft but also a very important technique for your craft ideas.

On the Hobbyfarms web site there is a very interesting articles with an introduction to the needlepoint history, the meaning of embroidery, how to start to learn embroidery and the importance of embroidery kits.