• Bring the needle through on the lower right line of the cross and insert at the top of the same line, taking a stitch through the fabric to lower left line (A).
  • Continue to the end of the row in this way: on the reeturn journey. complete the other half of the cross (B). It is important that the top strands of all the stitches point in one direction.
  • Designs in Cross Stitch should be worked over counted threads of canvas or evenweave fabric to have the best result.

Cross-stitch is one of the common and oldest techniques still used. Samplers, pillows, paintings, bookmarks and lots of accessories for the home embroidered in cross-stitch adorn millions of rooms in several countries in the world, this simple technique of embroidery has become a real creative and rewarding pastime for millions and millions of people around the world .

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