Are you looking for a personalized gift? Would you like to choose somethingspecial and useful? Arte del Ricamo Shop gives you the opportunity to personalize gifts. These are quality products Made in Italy:

  • You can choose the fabric to make tablecloths, covers, servizietti individuallanes and center table;
  • You can combine objects in ceramics can be personalized with pictures, writtenphrases and greetings.

The mug in the picture above is a useful gift idea and very refined, together with an individual tablecloth made ​​with linen Riviera fabric checkered green andwhite. Continue reading

Are you a creative woman? Do you like to expand your craft techniques? It is very interesting to consider needlework embroidery not only an ancient craft but also a very important technique for your craft ideas.

On the Hobbyfarms web site there is a very interesting articles with an introduction to the needlepoint history, the meaning of embroidery, how to start to learn embroidery and the importance of embroidery kits.


Cross stitch passionate already know that it’s time to start embroidering linens for the home, Christmas gifts and accessories. Artedelricamo offers you the second part of the free Christmas cross-stitch patterns published in the blogs of our friends embroiderers.

On the Blog-mady P2X is available a free Christmas tree cross-stitch patterns with a monocromatic color to use.

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This quick and easy  embroidery stitch is a variation of chain stitch.  It gives a ladder-like effect, it is also known as Roman chain or square chain stitch, ladder stitch, small writing (when the stitches are narrow) and big writing (when the stitches are wide).

Open chain stitch can be worked to give either an open or closed effect, to do it you can simply adjusting the spacing between parallel lines to make a heavy outline and can couch down cards, narrow embroidery thread or ribbons. Continue reading

  • Bring the thread through at (A) and take a small vertical stitch.
  • Bring the thread through again at (B) and pass the needle under the vertical stitch, without piercing the fabric, and insert it again at (B).
  • Bring the thread through at (C) and again pass the needle under the vertical stitch and insert it at (C).
  • The third and all following stitches are made in exactly the same way, except that the needle always passes under the two preceding loops.

Artedelricamo has selected for you the best cross-stitch patterns with lots of delicious apples to embroider on tablecloths, individual tablecloths, potholders, aprons and tea towels.  It ‘nice to customize your own linen making unique and special embroidery work for your home.

On the blog of is available an embroidery pattern with colored apples to embroider in cross stitch or needlepoint.

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