Caterina MezzapelleMy name is Caterina Mezzapelle, I’m 28 years and I was born in Marsala a town of Sicily in the south of Italy. I study languages and modern literatures at the University of Urbino, I love to talk and write in Spanish, playing the piano and in my free time I like to create cross stitch and embroidery works.

My passion was born and raised when I was 3 years watching my grandmother that prepare the support for my aunt. Slowly I began to leaf through magazines embroidery as Mani Di Fata and Rakam that his mother bought each month, I liked so choose images or remember and compare the various points or embroidery patterns between a magazine and the other.

I had six years for Christmas and her grandmother gave me a picture from embroider a half point. I leave you imagine how much joy I felt in achieving my first embroidery. The desire to learn other points of embroidery was so much and so his grandmother will prepare me a beautiful canvas apron aida beige, I did choose a picture to embroider and immediately started. What was the outcome? Not bad as the beginning! Despite the recommendations of the mother nell’adoperare thimble, followed undeterred my embroidery cross-stitch occasionally receiving some sting from the needle. I had to be very careful and be focused so that the back was perfect.

Once the school, a time of holidays and games, I decide to attend an  organized holiday by great nuns that animated the days in a very funny. In addition to embroidery I learned to paint on fabric, glass and ceramics, I created several accessories with beads, and I have decorated various objects of wood with the airbrush and on the glass with the technique of graffiti pointed diamond.

The passion of embroidery has never vanished and the desire to share with others this passion is becoming more intense and interesting. Thanks to the study of languages are able to do several searches on the various points of embroidery in the world, to know the origins of embroidery and evolution of this wonderful art over time. I wrote a thesis on the history of embroidry in the world or the Samplers.

I thought of this site as a meeting point for all those who want to exchange ideas, projects, learn and meet new points of embroidery and other creative techniques.

I am very happy to receive your e-mail, and free to share knowledge so that quasta art transmitted from mother to daughter is never forgotten by the new generation.

Thanks to new media is in fact possible to follow the thread that unites all of us weaving as a real community. Videos, pictures, forums, social networking, chat groups and are important tools to learn and share the culture and above all to express our creativity and uniqueness.

Good Embroidery to All!

Caterina Mezzapelle

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  1. I am a teacher at Titchfield High School. I am in the process of preparing a Clothing and Textile Work book for publication and am seeking permission to include image which was retrieved from your website material in my publication. How do I contact you by email?

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