crochet carpet

crochet carpet

To celebrate the start of summer the Blog DMC Espana gives you a free chart to realize a colorful carpet for your home, it is made with DMC Natura Just Cotton XL yarn.

This crochet carpet is very easy to do, you can create many colorful hexagons or use only one color of yarn; add them together to create shape and size you want. In this project, the carpet is made of 10 crochet hexagons but you can make it with more hexagons, all depend on the environment in which you want to place it.

schema tappeto uncinetto colorato

DMC Natura XL yarn is available in a range of 30 colors, it is a yarn useful to do very large crochet works and it is perfect for beginners. The crochet project you find here below is made using this yarn, I assure you the resut will be very good.



To achieve this carpet we used the following colors::

  • Orange n. 10
  • Turquoise n. 81
  • Fuxia n. 43
  • Red n. 05
  • Green n. 82

Crochet hook to use – size n.7
Finished size of the crochet carpet is 90×120 cm.
A crochet hexagon misure 30 cm of diamter.


How to Do a Crochet Carpet

Start form the center, work 6 sc on the magic ring.

Follow the pattern:


schema uncinetto tappeto coloratoAfter completing the 7 rounds indicated  on the chart, cut the thread.
Realize 10 crochet hexagons using different colors (2 for each of the 5 colors listed on the materials section) and join sewing them between and alternating colors.

This pattern was also published in two spanish crochet magazines: Mollie Crea and En Casa. If you want to learn the art of crochet I suggest you take a look at the crochet lessons published on this blog.

running stitch table mats

Would you like to embroider place mats? Are you looking for simple patterns to decorate kitchen linen ? On Littledeartracks Blog it is available a very interesting tutorial that allows you to do table mats,  in a simple way you can embroidery original motifs  using a stitch that surely already know: the running stitch.

This project comes from Japan and has been made with an embroidery technique very ancient: the Sashiko.

The technique of Sashiko is to achieve very beautiful designs, some both simple and difficult, often with geometric forms, to be performed with running stitch using white embroidery threads and indigo fabrics.


running stitch table mats

In Japan, Sashiko embroidery is an embroidery technique very effective practice for the mind and body as it turns out to be relaxing and contemplative. If  you would like to do these place mats and in the same time meantime relax you can follow the instructions stepby  step here below.

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holding the hook and yarn_01

holding the hook and yarn_01

Before to start with your first crochet stitch, you need to learn some basic skills. First of all, you need to know how to hold the hook and thread, and then how to get the yarn on the hook.

Everyone has their own personal way to hold the hook and control the thread in crochet. So the first question for you is: are you a lefty or a righthy?

Right handers hold the hook in their right hand – the one that you eat with or write with – usually as though it were a pencil; or in a firmer, overhand grip. Continue reading

Algerian eye stitch is a kind of embroidery stitch very decorative and easy to do, it is worked in a even-weave fabric. This stitch consists of eight straight stitches all worked in a central hole to create a star motif. Algerian eye stitch is also called Star Stitch or Star Eyelet Stitch.


You can create a lot of motifs, blocks and different patterns. It is very interesting to use multi-coloured borders around a design.


Here below the instruction to learn how to do algerian eye stitch:

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DMC FW Nordic Spirit yarns_400

This collection of DMC fashion threads for knitting works is ispired to the nordic european misty landscapes, tundra, frozen lakes, windy steppes… wild and rugged sceneries all over the world. Primitive landscapes, where nature reigns supreme.

The Nordic Spirit woman use to wear garments in natural wools and raw materials, which wraps up the body.
The colours come from the bare lands, or you can find the turquoises of deep lakes, the strong nuances of overpowering waterfalls and the powerful colours of the northern lights.
Thick yarns in astonishing shades dominate the Nordic Spirit style.
There are a range of fashionable and stylish patterns to knit using Nordic Spirit.

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