These are the most useful mittens to give to your friends in winter, especially for Valentine’s Day. You know handmade gifts are very appreciate!

I invite you to take a look at the Story by Modcloth Blog, there is a very interesting craft project useful to do your own dip-dyed mittens from an old sweater.

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Do you love crochet work? Would you like to do crochet favors? This Mani di Fata crochet magazine is very useful to create crochet favors for any event. Inside the magazine you will find the detailed instructions, diagrams and images useful in achieving step by step your favors.

To make this favors you can use colored DMC Babylo cotton threads and customize your creations with ribbons and beads.

You can buy this crochet magazine on Arte del Ricamo Shop

Are you a creative woman? Do you like to expand your craft techniques? It is very interesting to consider needlework embroidery not only an ancient craft but also a very important technique for your craft ideas.

On the Hobbyfarms web site there is a very interesting articles with an introduction to the needlepoint history, the meaning of embroidery, how to start to learn embroidery and the importance of embroidery kits.


Did you think that the beautiful nightgowns with hand embroidered lace would remain for a long time in the trunk of your grandmother? Did you ever believe that girls of today would appreciate the old lace and embroidery adapted to the modern lingerie? To begin the revivel of the ancient Sicilian tradition of the hand  embroidery trousseau,  Dolce & Gabbana , the most famous Italian fashion designers, use the freshness of the fabrics and the softness of linens has focused on female tradition Sicilian offering baby doll with embroidered stitch and lace , chemises in gingham , muslin shorts and peau d’ange in macramé .