The autumn is coming with its beautiful colors, and the period of abundance, large bundles of berries, very large pumpkins with various autumnal shades of orange and bright sunflowers dominate the shelves of hobby shops.

The unprecedented generosity of autumn is so overwhelming and inspiring that many designers and creative women take their cue from the colors of the season by creating precious jewelry and accessories made exclusively by hand.

Below you will find some useful ideas for making your own unique and exclusive accessories make using bright colored beads: crystal, natural stones, glass beads.

With the huge assortment of colored beads present in the haberdashery, hobby shops and market stalls, you can create and wear stylish accessories: necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, handbags and scarves. Mostly originals are necklaces made of beads coated with crochet technique amigurumi, or earrings with pearls and satin bows all the way to colorful scarves and bags made from strands of rafia, ribbons and embroidered with colorful beads to give a effect of luminosity.

Wearing elegant necklaces with colored beads on soft wool sweaters is very nice especially for people who love jewelry made by artisans. Year are fashionable necklaces very long warm hues such as brown and orange or purple, green and blue combined with crochet bags and scarves. Here are some interesting websites where you can find instructions and ideas to create necklaces with colored beads and accessories:

  • Glass Beads: get some projects on the Blog Tigerbazar free to make beautiful necklaces with beads;
  • Felt Beads: on the Blog Beads and Tricks a few tips to make the beads into felt;
  • Paper Beads:  on the Blog Tappi you can follow the instructions to make paper beads;
  • Paper Beads Pest: on the Blog Astorybooklife explanations step by step to realize the beads in paper mache.

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