Are you looking for a Christmas crochet border design? On the site Coatscrafts I found a free pattern to make an elegant border to crochet filet.

You can use the border to decorate tablecloths, centerpiece and individual tablecloths. It’s a fantastic way to practice your creative abilities!

The materials to make a project are:

  • crochet hook
  • crochet cotton thread

You can choose to use Anchor crochet yarn gold or silver.

Download the Crochet Design and print it.

Ideas and Tips

Often the work is finished the crocheted lace has yellowed a bit ‘, you shouldn’t immediately wash the border but apply it directly onto the fabric. Once packaged the work you wash your work.

If the fabric to make the tablecloth is made of linen or Aida canvas you can embroider the work with motifs on the corners, sides and center of it.

Then apply your Christmas crochet border on the tablecloth!

One thought on “Free Christmas Crochet Border

  1. Embroidery designs can be used in the number of ways….I think its lovely work, very graceful and lovely….the border and the crotch is wonderful….thanks for sharing with us…..

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