Before you begin to embroider cross-stitch in a hot summer day you can eat a sweet ice cream.

While embroidering a placemat or a dish towel we can learn languages writing with needle and thread “Gelato” in Italian (Gelato) and Spanish (Helado).

Here below you will find the free cross stitch pattern to embroidery these colorful ice cream.


  • You can decide the colors of the threads to use
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • placemat or dish towel to embroider

Cross Stitch Patterns- Ice Cream (pdf)


According to the Italian legend, the invention of ice cream is attributed to Florentine Bernardo Buontalenti, which would have produced the first ice cream in 1500. The custom of refrigerate sweet substances in the most ancient times is probably derived from Arabic. It was prepared refrigerants mixtures using ice and salt bringing six degrees below zero, were made refrigerate fruits, milk and honey.

It was the Florentine ice cream in Europe to introduce the succulent sweet. In 1660 the Florentine Procopio Coltelli opened in Paris on his Café Procope, with its ice cream production. In 900 the manufacture of ice cream is passed hand to industry, but the frozen fruit craft are always considered the best.

Happy holidays!

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