Buttonhole stitch bars are traditionally used for linking areas of cutwork, in freestyle embroidery and in cut-work and Richelieu Work.

  • Make a row of Running Stitches between the double lines of the design as a padding for the Buttonhole Stitch.
  • Where a single line bar occurs, take a thread across the space and back, securing with a small stitch; Buttonhole Stitch closely over the loose threads without picking up any of the fabric (A).
  • Buttonhole Stitch around the shape, keeping the looped edge of the stitch to the inside, then cut away the fabric from behind the bar and around the inside of the shape.
  • Where a double line or a broad bar is required between shapes or sometime for stems of flowers, when the fabric is to be cut away on each side, make a row of Running Stitches along the center, then Buttonhole Stitch along one side, spacing the stitches slightly.
  • Buttonhole Stitch along the other side into the spaces left by the first row. The fabric is then cut away close to the Buttonhole Stitch, leaving a strong broad bar (B).

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