After the great success with the first selection of cross stitch patterns of Hello Kitty, Artedelricamo has selected others cross stitch patterns for you to decorate your children’s layette.

Here is a wonderful cross-stitch pattern of Hello Kitty used to decorate and personalize the cover of your diary or to create a pretty picture hanging on the walls of your bedroom. The pattern is available free on the blog Club.doctissimo.

A simple cross-stitch pattern of Hello Kitty to stitch on Aida fabric. The colors of the yarn to use are only 4: pink for the writing, black for contrast, fuchsia fro the dress and yellow for the nose. The pattern is available on the blog Sophisticatestyle .

On Bicodocorvo’s Blog is available a cross-stitch border with Hello Kitty faces. The pattern is very useful to decorate towels that use children for kindergarten.

Do you want to create customized greeting cards for the birthday child? On the Blog of Bicodocorvo you can download free cross stitch pattern of Hello Kitty with colored balloons.

Hello Kitty has a message for you! You can use this design to decorate your bedroom pillow, the pattern is available on the blog The-dark-knit

On the Blog Freecspale is available the cross-stitch pattern of Baby Hello Kitty.The pattern can be customized and used to make a baby born pillow.

Hello Kitty with an elegant blue overalls and a red and white striped shirt, holding a red delicious apple. The pattern is available free on the Blog Tricotritricotin.e-Mons.

On the Blog Hkcreativity is available a cross-stitch embroidery pattern of Hello Kitty dedicated to all those who love tennis.

Many colors to paint with needle thread and fabrics giving rein to our creativity. On the Blog of Hkcreativity you can download the cross stitch pattern cross-stitch of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty wears a crown of spring flowers with roses, bells and daisies to embroider on cross-stitch. The pattern is available free on the blog Club.doctissimo and has been used to fill and personalize the cover of a diary.

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