This embroidery stitch is also known as cable chain stitch. It is a variation of chain stitch used as a line or filling stitch on plain and even-weave fabrics. It is worked in a similar way to ordinary chain stitch, but in this case the thread is twisted around the needle after each chain loop and before it enters the fabric.

This makes an intervening link between the chain. The stitch follows curved lines well and makes a good filling stitch when worked solidly. A contrast

ing stitch, such as coral stitch or stem stitch, can be worked on alternate rows to make an unusual filling.

Another method of filling a shape with cable stitch is to work evenly spaced parallel rows of it over the whole area to be filled. Then lace adjoining rows together t

hrough the chains with a contrasting thread and a blunt-ended tapestry needle.

Bring the thread through at (A) and hold it down with the left thumb.


ss the needle from right to left under the working thread, then twist the needle back over the working thread to the right and, still keeping the thread under the thumb, take a stitch of the required lenght. Pull thread through.

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