This embroidery stitch is also known as Vandyke chain stitch. It is a line stitch and filling used on plain-and even-weave fabrics and is suitable for use with any type of embroidery thread.

You can make decorative zigzag line-an unusual outline for a shape.  Work in the same way as ordinary chain stitch, but each chain loop is set at right angles to the previous one to create the zigzag line.

To ensure that the chains lie flat on the surface of the fabric, the needle should pierce the end of the previous loop as it enters the fabric. This stitch also makes an effective filling when worked solidly over an area and lends itself to being striped or shaded gradually in bands.

  • Bring the thread through at (A) and hold it down with the left thumb.
  • Insert the needle at (A) and bring it through at (B), the required lenght of the stitch.
  • The second stitch iss worked in exactly the same way at right angles to the first stitch, but the needle, as it enters the fabric (C), pierces the end of the first loop, thus insuring that each loop is held in position.

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